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Natalia Vodianova for "Natalia pour Etam" [source]

This kinda makes me want a body suit.

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All aboard the Superdong

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Kevin Francis Gray Art

Kevin Francis Gray’s 2005 body of work was so hugely appealing: London youths—the freaks and oft-romanticized street tribes of the East End—were cast as towering Rodin-like figures. These figures wore jeans, tanks, and sneakers; their faces obscured by hoodies and veils. It was urban ghetto-gothic street style immortalized in ancient materials like bronze, marble, and black resin. A once fleeting feeling was rendered permanent, mythical almost.

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I am a tooth 

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I’ve always made pancakes from a mix before today. And before last week I’d never made waffles at all, much less from scratch. I feel accomplished, so here is a picture of my pancakes.

Here it is. Where has masking fluid been all my life? Also, that unfortunate green tint around the edges is something Pixlr Express couldn’t completely remove. Sorry.
PS: This is probably the best I’ve done working with a photo.

Mat board soaks up water very quickly as it turns out, but I managed. I think he looks a teeny bit like Garrett. Oops.

And another. With cute stubby legs

We went to Mundt Music today and there are some new cute little vintage amps.