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Palast - SkinDeep (2012)

A study on the body-object, ephemeral sculptures of the human form. Instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery.

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Name: Tanny

Nationality: German

Photography in one word: Remembering

Date: Monday, July 21, 2014 | Facebook page


Click here to watch The Daily Show’s coverage of the downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine.



As if we needed another reason to appreciate how amazing bees are: Artist and beekeeper Ren Ri makes breathtaking sculptures using plastic, salvaged wood, and a swarm of bees.

Well, to be fair, the bees did half the work :)

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Beyond Energy, Matter, Time and Space

Humans might think we can figure out the ultimate mysteries, but there is no reason to believe that we have all the pieces necessary for a theory of everything.”

Learn more about two science books that explore these ideas and recommended by George Johnson at the nytimes.

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Lilla Bölecz

"Before", a piece of my illustration series "Unicorn Creatures", exhibited in April 2014


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A North Korean Architect’s Crazy Visions of the Future
It’s difficult for anyone to imagine the future. But what if you were largely unfamiliar with the present? That’s the fascination at the heart of “Commissions for Utopia,” a series of futuristic scenes of North Korea dreamed up by one of the country’s promising young architects. The illustrations, currently on view at the Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy, show the buildings of tomorrow as envisioned by someone with little exposure to the architecture of today. In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, “architect” is a government job. There are no private projects, and young North Korean architects come out of school with only a faint understanding of the field as it exists outside their deeply isolated country. Recently, however, one young architect was given a rare chance at an outside commission by a client named Nick Bonner. Bonner holds the unusual distinction of operating the most popular tourist agency to the least-visited country in the world. Born in Britain and trained as a landscape architect, he founded Koryo Tours in Beijing in 1993. Today, the company takes over two thousand tourists into North Korea a year—more than half of all the foreigners who visit. (via A North Korean Architect’s Crazy Visions of the Future | Design | WIRED)










when i was

a young boy

my father

took me into the citayy

to seee a marching band

he said

listen here u lil shit

don’t make a fuckin band and get famous and break up after 12 years

the beaten and the damned

Even though I’ve grown out of them, I always thought it was kind of sad that they just broke up, and this is deeply hilarious to me.

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"I chose the impossible. I chose… Rapture. A city where the artist would not fear the censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well."

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